Punkin Brown

Punkin Brown was the son of a snake handling minister and followed in his father's beliefs. He died at the age of 34 in October of 1998. His wife preceeded him in death, and he is survived by five children.

Here's a story about Punkin from Personal Freedom Outreach.

This one's from The Birmingham News.

The Lexington, Kentucky, Herald-Leader had this report.

This is an unusual piece from the Family Freethought Alliance. It mentions Punkin Brown's death as an argument against Christianity, but it serves just as well as an argument in favor of Christians taking up serpents.

Weekend Edition


Punkin Brown was featured on the "American Talker" segment of Weekend Edition on March 14, 1999. Click here to hear him talk about his beliefs.

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"A lot of people don't understand us. We are just normal people but we believe God's word."
Rev. Gene Sherbert, Snake Handler